Tap Changing Gear

Manufactured mainly for TELK make transformers, these are also being sold to other transformer manufacturers in India. Various types of On Load & Off Load Tap changers  are offered to suit the number of taps, current rating, step voltage and number of poles.
TELK make on load tap changers are resistor transition equipments which are used to vary the ratio of oil immersed transformers under load. In general they are designed for network transformers as well as industrial transformer applications .The tap changers are designed to give reliable service under the most arduous conditions which occur on electrical power systems.TELK Tap changers are designed such that power flow can be handled in either direction at full rated current.

The Tap changers offer both transformer manufacturer and user a great number of features like:

  • Resistor transition ensures minimum arcing at the Diverter switch contacts and hence a longer life
  • Rotary type Diverter mechanism ensures safe power delivery.
  • Diverter switch features uninterrupted operation during tap changing, easy inspection of contacts, motor drive and accessories.
  • Motor drive mechanism is equipped with over-torque clutch for protecting the Tap Changer against mechanical overloads in the event of trouble.
  • Compact design and dependable technical parameters will reduce the overall dimension and weight of the transformer.
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