Transformer Bushing

  • TELK manufactures hermetically sealed, oil impregnated paper condenser bushings 52kV - 420 kV voltage class and rated current up to 3150A with standard dimensions/customer requirements
  • We manufacture high current bushings of 24kV, 36kV with current rating 4000A-16000A
  • Bushings are made to suit heavily polluted or extra heavily polluted atmosphere; draw through lead /stem type active part for carrying the designed current without making hot spots.
  • TELK was the first in India to manufacture 420 kV oil impregnated paper condenser bushings in the year 1970.
  • TELK transformers are fitted with their own make bushings and bushings are being sold to other transformer manufactures also.
  • In TELK make bushings, generally the space between the inner surfaces of the insulating envelop and the major solid insulation over the live conductor is filled with oil. This oil impregnated bushings are capacitor graded with Aluminum electrodes placed at pre determined positions in the paper so as to ensure uniform voltage distribution from the high voltage live conductor to earth electrode.

Special features of TELK bushings include

  • Design with most modern software by expert engineering group.
    Bushing production by expert workforce with uncompromising stand on quality matters.
  • A rugged product to withstand the worst short circuit forces.
  • Suitable for even to use in extra heavily polluted atmosphere.
  • With provisions of metal sleeves for having bushing current transformers.
  • Usage of the best copper and terminal connecters keeps check on temperature rise.
  • High quality paper insulation, oil and condenser manufacturing-with extra care in humidity controlled and dust free room (for 400kV) results in the lowest partial discharge and tan delta values.
  • Complete leakage free bushing by using O-rings with excellent oil resistant and weather resistant characteristics.
  • Oil expansion chamber with oil sight window/magnetic oil level gauge at the top chamber.
  • All outside ferrous parts are painted with protective fade-proof paints after grit blast to keep weather resistant.
  • For higher voltage rated bushings, a stress-relieving shield is provided on the lower cap of oil end porcelain. This will help to reduce to minimum the clearance between bushing tail and other parts.
  • An insulated test tap is provided for measuring tan delta and capacitance of the bushing(By isolating earth connection of condenser)
  • All accessories are procured from very reputed vendors only, to ensure the total quality.
  • In total we offer bushing that is maintenance free and enjoys long life .
  • We focus on uncompromised total quality of product for customer satisfaction.
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