Voltage Transformers

  • TELK manufactures hermetically sealed, oil impregnated paper insulated, oil filled, porcelain type outdoor electromagnetic potential transformers up to 245 kV.
  • TELK has so far supplied more than 3000 of voltage transformers to various state electricity boards, central organizations/utilities
  • TELK is capable of catering all range of voltage transformers up to 245 kV with precise accuracy class, burden and PT ratios for measurement and protection as per IEC and IS.
  • TELK voltage transformer has excellent reliability with proven existence in grid for over 30 years.

Special features of TELK voltage transformers include

  • Incorporation of state-of-the-art principles of design and manufacturing techniques ensures trouble free service.
  • The production wing is a highly skilled workforce with modern tools.
  • Usage of high quality & high grade CRGO laminations give precise accuracy up to 0.2 class.
  • High quality paper insulation, oil and excellent processing methods result in lowest partial discharge and dielectric losses.
  • Complete leakage free potential transformer by using the best gaskets with excellent oil resistant and weather resistant properties.
  • Tanks are specially designed to have the sufficient volume of oil and at the same time to keep the voltage transformer compact. Usages of the best quality steel and modern welding methods ensure the full strength of the tank. Protective fade-proof paintings after grit blast keep the tank weather resistant.
  • Designed to withstand the surge voltages that might arise in operating conditions.
    All major accessories are procured from very reputed vendors only, to ensure the total quality.
  • Secondary leads are brought out through epoxy moulded terminal plate and terminal box is dust and vermin proof conforming to IP55 class protection.
  • In total TELK cater instrument transformers that can meet the complete power system requirements for protection and metering purpose.

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