Quality & Testing

TELK set up its Quality Management System in 1994 to implement and maintain Quality standards at all areas of operations. ISO 9001 : QMS was awarded in 1995. Since then, the Quality Management System is periodically audited to match contemporary standards by trained internal auditors and external auditors. At TELK, quality checks are mandatory at each phase of production. TELK’s testing department is equipped with a multitude of sophisticated testing equipments. The NABL accredited Transformer Testing Lab on 06.06.2011. Every product of TELK goes through stringent quality tests before reaching the customer. Being one of the first Indo-Japanese ventures in the Country, TELK has imbibed ‘Total Quality’ concepts.


TELK is committed to provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to continually strive for business excellence


Continual Improvement of business excellence through -

  • Reducing Business Cycle time
  • Achieving lowest manufacturing cost
  • Technology Upgradation
  • Reducing rework level, and
  • Increased customer satisfaction


TELK has a extra high voltage test laboratory for conducting all routine and type tests for EHV Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Bushings, Tap changers etc. It has the state of the art equipments manufactured by the world leaders like HITACHI, HAEFLEY, DOBLE, OMICRON, KYORITSU, ROBINSON, TINSLEY, DR.STRAUSS, RAYTECH, YOKOGAWA, NORMA, FLUKE MEGGER, TETTEX, TEKTRONICS, HIPPOTRONICS, DV POWER, BRUEL & KJAER etc.

The facilities also include

  • Full fledged Calibration laboratory for in house calibration
  • Laboratory for testing incoming materials, in process tests
  • Mechanical laboratory with UTMs, Surface plates etc
  • Transformer oil Laboratory to test moisture content, BDV, tan delta, IFT, DGA etc

TELK has now obtained NABL accreditation (ISO / IEC 17025:2005) which gives its test reports more International acceptance.