The year was 1963. The Government of Kerala entered into a technical and financial collaboration agreement with M/s. Hitachi Limited, Japan to set up a fully fledged unit for designing and manufacturing Extra High Voltage Electrical equipments in India. Christened Transformers and Electricals Kerala Limited (TELK), the venture was to revolutionize the electric power equipment field. Located at Angamally,the southern most penisula in the State of Kerala in India, the first product rolled out from TELK in 1966. Starting off with power transformers, it later extended its product range to Instrument Transformers, SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers, Shunt and Series Reactors, Isolated Phase Bus Ducts, Tap Changers  etc. TELK gave India, its first 400kV Class Transformer, First 315MVA Auto Transformer and Generator Transformer for India's first 500MW Thermal Unit.

TELK, an ISO 9001 certified company since 1995, has been a pride of the State of Kerala. The fruitful collaboration with global power giant Hitachi Ltd., Japan has enabled TELK to carve out a preeminent niche in the manufacture of EHV equipments and establish itself as a quality supplier in the transformer industry. TELK carries the quality image and ethos of Hitachi, Japan. This could help the Company to establish a brand image of its own. TELK is a synonym for quality in the EHV power field in India and at TELK, quality is a way of life. TELK is an approved high quality supplier to all power utilities in India and many prestigious utilities abroad.

At TELK, quality checks are mandatory at each phase of production. TELK’s testing department is equipped with a multitude of sophisticated testing equipments apart from NABL accreditation for our Transformer Testing Lab w.e.f. 06.06.2011. Every product of TELK goes through stringent quality tests before reaching the customer. Being one of the first Indo-Japanese ventures in the Country, TELK has imbibed ‘Total Quality’ concepts.

TELK realises that customers are their strength and thus service to customers is of highest priority to TELK. Recognizing the importance of customer service, TELK has set up an exclusive division catering to the timely repair, maintenance, monitoring and servicing of transformers and other vital installations.

TELK first exported its products to Tanzania in 1972 by supplying two 50 MVA, 132 kV Transformers. In the 1990s TELK revamped its export activities and exported transformers to the Sultanate of Oman and 330 kV Gas Circuit Breakers to Nigeria in 1994. This was followed by a number of export contracts executed to various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Mauritius, Singapore, Nepal, and Bangladesh etc. A milestone in TELK’s export operations was an order from M/s DUKE FLOUR DANIEL, USA, in 1997, for the supply of 11 power transformers of capacity ranging from 50 MVA to 100 MVA.. 

A new era in TELK’s history has been ushered in the year 2007, when TELK entered into a Business Collaboration & Shareholders Agreement with M/s. NTPC Limited, the largest Power Utility in India. This has paved the way for TELK to augment its efforts for higher orbit of success and growth. By joining hands with NTPC, a Maharatna Company, TELK will be able to attain the path of high growth and will be able to beat competition in the Industry in the highly challenging industrial scenario. By joining a Central PSU which is the principal Power Generation Company in the Country, the demand in the power sector can be tapped to the maximum. TELK is aiming for a prosperous future in the wake of the Joint Venture between Government of Kerala and NTPC Limited and soon will have access to 765kV Class technology and thus will have the right environment to achieve higher turnover and profits. With the reforms in the power sector imminent, TELK is gearing up to face the challenges and opportunities that the market will throw up.