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Transformer, being a static electrical equipment is one of the relatively maintenance free component of power system, However, reliability of transformer is of great importance for uninterrupted power supply to end-users. With ever growing power requirements coupled with sustained shortfall in peak demand, nation like ours cannot afford the frequent breakdown of power systems which may have an adverse impact on our industries, agriculture & other sectors & would hurt the overall growth prospects of our economy.

The life extension & reliability of power system components is one of the most relevant subjects today as the life of the first generation power systems of our country are at the end of their design life. The average life of a power transformer in grid is 20~ 25 years & with adoption of timely maintenance activities, life extension of power transformers can be achieved at relatively lesser cost with reduction in power system breakdown.

TELK’s RRCSD Department caters to requirement of renovation/reconditioning/repair/up gradation of any type of TELK/Other make Power Transformers with faster deliveries & services at a competitive price.The guarantee period for the repaired and replaced items will be same as for the new Transformers .i.e. 12 months from the date of commissioning 0r 18 months from the date of despatch whichever is earlier.
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